Our New Business Strategy


1. Change our investments

Australian Economy is changing


What is the best investment target in Australia?  -Possibilities- 


2. Our Biggeest Advantage

* A1 has no debt

* A1 has flexibility

Change our investment focus from resources to existing cash generating businesses



Company Highlights


A1 Investments & Resources Ltd is an Australian investment company listed on the ASX (ASX Code AYI). Catering for the high demands of Asian countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea, the Company is now focusing its investments on the agriculture sectors in Australia. The Company also maintains an overall aim of providing a diversified investment company.

A1 Investments has obtained an exclusive distribution license for SuperSorghum for Australia which product has enormous potential throughout northern Australia for stock feed, sugar and ethanol production. As part of the SuperSorghum package, the Company has secured commitments from various new shareholders to provide sufficient funding of $3 million to acquire the license and to undertake the initial phases of the new business. Unfortunately some of the agreed funding has not been forthcoming and A1 is seeking alternate investors. A1 is confident that several prospective sophisticated investors will provide sufficient funding for the company’s business plans for 2015.

The Company has undertaken and is continuing to undertake trial planting of SuperSorghum in the Burdekin Valley in northern Queensland and we have also commenced trials at Kununurra in northern WA, and at Douglas Daly and Katherine in the Northern Territory.


The business of SuperSorghum in Australia has the potential to be multidimensional from simply selling seed at a margin, to engaging as an equity participant in ethanol and stock feed production and even feedlot ownership and management. SuperSorghum may be the best agricultural product for ethanol production but further investment and expansion of ethanol production in Australia will require some turn around by the federal government in respect to policies concerning the generation of alternate fuels particularly bio fuels. A1 and SOL Holdings the worldwide holder of the rights to SuperSorghum are committed to providing energy efficient and cost effective solutions to the multipurpose use of SuperSorghum.


The completion of the funding package approved at the Special General Meeting of the Company on 26 August 2014 will mean when all loans are converted by 31 December 2014 that the Company will be debt free. Any further or substitute funding is being sought on the same or similar terms. Any substantial substitute funding will be the subject of further shareholder approval.

The maturity of the Convertible Notes on 30 September 2014 also saw the Company as part of the redemption process assign a significant portion of its PAFtec shares to unitholders at a significant premium to the book value of those shares. This also had the effect of reducing the dilution effect of the redemption. A1 Investments & Resources Ltd also has shareholding in Hastings Rare Metals Ltd, a rare earth rare metal company based in Australia.






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