Company Highlights

A1 Investments & Resources Ltd is an Australian investment company listed on the ASX (ASX Code AYI). Catering for the high demands of Asian countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea, the Company focuses its investments on the junior mining sectors in Australia, particularly those with rare earth and rare metal prospects. We currently has significant shareholding in Hastings Rare Metals Ltd (ASX Code: HAS) and we are expanding its portfolio in the rare earth rare metal sector. 

A1 Investments & Resources Ltd also has significant holding in PAFtec Australia Pty Ltd, a company specialising in respirator design, manufacture and marketing to the global market. The Company’s leading technology - PAFtec CleanSpace®, is a state of the art, uniquely low profile, light weight, powered respirator.

The Company’s other investment portfolio also includes litigation lending services.


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